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In our shop you can find prechosen Multi-Packs including lovely kiwiana patterns, a fantastic Cheese Bag, a zip lock sized Sandwich Bag, Single Food Wraps etc.

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Multi-Packs include one of each sizes: a small, a medium and a large beeswax wrap.
Fabric patterns can be chosen for specific sizes or may vary.

Early Birds Kiwiana logo
Early Birds Kiwiana
Fruity logo
Garden Party - organic logo
Garden Party - organic
Kiwiana-1 logo
Koru Kiwiana logo
Koru Kiwiana
Paua Kiwiana logo
Paua Kiwiana
Prairie Flowers - organic logo
Prairie Flowers - organic
Wilderness logo

Sandwich Bag

Sandwich Bag logo
Sandwich Bag

Cheese Bag

Cheese Bag logo
Cheese Bag

Single Wraps

Extra small logo
Extra small
Small logo
Medium logo
Large logo

Custom Pack

Custom Multi-Pack logo
Custom Multi-Pack

Mystery Pack

Mystery Pack logo
Mystery Pack

Wooden Bee

Wooden Bee Puzzle logo
Wooden Bee Puzzle