Tired of plastic wrap? Try our reusable beeswax food wraps

At the end of 2017 after having the first successful year with our beehives, we ended up having a great amount of excess beeswax. With the urge to reduce our household waste and plastic use, we came up with the idea to make eco-friendly handmade beeswax wraps and so our project was born. 

With our wide range of available fabrics like our kiwiana patterns to choose from, saving the world one wrap at a time becomes suddenly much more fun and entertaining.
We do on the other hand, also provide a few pre-chosen Multi-Packs with popular fabrics, a range of Beeswax Bags, a One Metre Beeswax Roll, etc.

Creating natural alternative solutions to reduce household waste.

( Free shipping for orders over $60, excludes international)


- Food grade beeswax
- Food grade pine rosin
- High grade cotton and organic fabric
- Coconut oil


They're reusable.
They're compostable.
They shape well around any kind of object.
Makes you feel great not using plastic.

For more information about care & use and our packaging click here.